Ton Lebbink - Luchtkastelen

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The official release date for this limited edition 180 gr Vinyl + insert and download card with extra tracks is October 4th. But you can already pre-order it here.  


Ton Lebbink (1943-2017) was the former drummer of Dutch new wave band and art collective Mecano, and doorman at the world famous venue Paradiso in Amsterdam. In the early 80’s he was one of the very first Dutch pop poets, influenced by the likes of Linton Kwesi Johnson and John Cooper Clarke. Lebbink mixes his absurdist spoken word and poetry with synthwave and experimental soundscapes.


During recording time with Mecano he put the material for the LP “Luchtkastelen” together with his Mecano-Colleagues Theo and Cor Bolten and Piet Kooyman. The album was originally released in 1981.


Walhalla Records is excited to re-release this cultalbum with kind persmissio of Ton’s widow Christine Sonntag. The extra track  “Wat een Klasse” was added to the album. This single was orginally released by Lebbink in 1983 with red-white stripes and the logo of footballclub Ajax on its sleeve.


Another 5 bonus tracks were added to the download card that contains as well the full album.




Side 1


1. Voetbalknieën

2. Hausfraulein

3. Luchtkastelen

4. Geen mening - Ja/Nee

5. Jugendzeit

6. Wat een klasse (Bonus Track) 


Side 2 


7. Fietsen op het Mittelmeer

8. Donker is de Kalverstraat 

9. Vol Gas

10. Kom bij de machine


Bonustracks op download card:


1. Advent (Christine Sonntag) 

2. De laatste dagen van het jaar

3. The Eternal Second (Instrumentale versie) 

4. Voetbalknieën (Instrumentale versie) 

5. Wat een klasse (Instrumentale versie)