Siglo XX - Answer

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Digital: € 9.68

Answer was first released in 1983 by Antler Records. Tracks&Traces now re-released them digitally for the first time ever. 


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Siglo XX was a Belgian Coldwave, Darkwave and Gothic Rock group from Genk active from 1979-1991. The group's sound was influenced by music of Joy Division and Factory Records. Siglo XX was one of the more well-known Belgian coldwave bands and by 2010 was considered to have been a key influence on the Belgian music scene. The group's name in Spanish means "20th century". It can both be pronounced as Siglo Iks Iks or as Siglo Veinte and reportedly stems from an anarchist movement during the Spanish Civil War and/or a Bolivian mine named Siglo XX that was the scene of social unrest.


The original members are Erik Dries on vocals, Antonio Palermo on Guitar, Dirk Chauvaux on guitar and bass, Klaas Hoogerwaard on drums, Chris Nelis on synth and Guido Bos also on bass.