Various Artists - The Underground Wave - Volume 5

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Again an unique compilation by leading Belgian re-release label Walhalla Records, specialized in Minimal synth. Following the widely acclaimed – and sold out –  Underground Wave series, 4 albums released so far, and counting, there is now Volume 5 with mainly Belgian bands but this time as well with a strong international presence by Kunzsysteem (Netherlands), Analysis (UK), No Unauthorized (France) en Dead Man Industry (USA)


Side 1 contains original 80’s work, previously only released on cassette or obscure and ultra rare 7”s.

Side 2 contains new work in the minimal synth tradition with a.o. an exclusive new track by the legendary Vita Noctis.


Side 1


1. Victims (7 A Nou)
2. So You (RDP)
3. Gravity Dance (Analysis)
4. J’attends (No Unauthorized)
5. Robot Robot (Nacht und Nebel)
6. Desorientation in Grey (Dead Man Industry)


Side 2

1. Deceived (Schicksal)
2. Defaced Places (Unidentified Man)
3. Galoppin’ Gertie (Breast Implosion)
4. All Nymphs are Volcanic (Man Without World)
5. Hymn (Vita Noctis)
6. Brighter than Light (Kunzsysteem)


This ALBUM has been released on vinyl only.