Pascal Deweze - Cult Of Yes

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Sukilove is no more, but Pascal Deweze is still around, and he isn’t the type of man to just let his voice fall silent. His first solo album, Cult of Yes, was released last May! 


Below is just a sampling of this talented man’s previous musical journey: In the mid-1990s, he was the driving force behind Metal Molly (you probably remember their cult hit, “Orange”), he then went on to join Mitsoobishy Jacson in the late 1990s (with Mauro Pawlowski & Peter Houben) and more “recently”, at the start of the new century, he teamed up with Carol Van Dyk from the Dutch group, Bettie Serveert, to create Chitlin’ Fooks, as well as Sukilove (with which he recorded 5 albums from 2001 to 2013). In 2011, he was also part of Broken Glass Heroes, recording the soundtrack for the successful Belgian TV series Benidorm Bastards, together with Tim Vanhamel (perhaps you remember “Baby don’t worry” and the title song “Let’s not fall apart”), among others.


In his now notorious Studio Jezus in Hoboken, Pascal now also produces albums for, among others, The Sore Losers, The Germans, The Van Jets, Krankland, Tubelight, and more, as well as music for movies and TV.


But now, he’s treating us to his first solo album (Cult of Yes) on 5May 2017, produced by Starman Records, under the melodious and unexpected stage name Pascal Deweze.


The album, on which Pascal plays most of the music himself, explores a path through dark soul, krautrock, Moroccan percussion, and analogue synths. Cult of Yes is nothing less than an absolutely refreshing debut, a very personal and surprising album that promises to be an equally fabulous Cult of Yes live performance.


Several of the very best musicians Flanders has to offer have already signed on for the live shows, including: DRUMS Karen Willems (ex-Yuko, ex-Zita Swoon, Inwolves), BASS Alan Gevaert (dEUS, Chantal Acda,Trixie Whitley, Chris Whitley), PERCUSSION Noah Melis (Bed Rugs, Shy Dog, Borokov Borokov), KEYS Hans De Prins (Go March, Broken Glass Heroes, Shun Club), GITAAR/KEYS Sjoerd Bruil (Black Cassette, Dez Mona, Gruppo di Pawlowski, ex-Sukilove,…), VOCALS Lien Moris (Piquet), VOCALS Anne-Sophie Ooghe (High Hi)


Watch the video for “Beautiful Penelope

Watch the video for "I only have a yes for you"

Watch the video for "Don't look over your shoulder"


1. EP 10 03:17
2. Beautiful Penelope 06:25
3. Summer Bones 04:29
4. Don't Look Over Your Shoulder 03:55
5. Paris 03:39
6. I Only Have Eyes For You 04:54
7. Strange Behaviour 04:33
8. Think Of Me 05:55
9. I'm Out On A Field 05:20













HUMO (Concert CC Mechelen)