Purple People Park started out as 2 guys making some songs just for fun. Then we added music videos to our skills after a long ongoing friendship with Felix. Now we are proud that we are part of Cluster-Park. Our own record label merged with two other great Belgian labels being Starman Records and Tracks&Traces.


We strongly believe artists should get paid a normal amount of money so they can keep creating new music in years to come. Sadly too many people still think that digital is a synonym for free, streaming platforms still believe that 0,2 cents per stream is enough to feed yourself and the music industry in general still think that new artists will keep emerging out of nowhere forever and free of charge. We are very aware we won’t be able to change the industry, but we will keep fighting for a fair system. Of course we can’t force our customers, but consider this: buying even one CD or one vinyl or even one full digital download a month will keep many artists motivated to keep making songs that make you laugh, cry, dance, smile, remember and fall in love. Bread has a price and you’re ok with that. Isn’t music food for the soul?


We just started as a label in 2017 but already we have signed amazing artists such as Zymotic, VV303, Breast Implosion and For Greater Good. They were the first and we thank them for their trust and remarkable talent. More will follow soon. Purple People Park releases amazing electronic music from Belgium. Let’s keep doing what we love to do: Listen to music and discuss and share it with friends all around the world.