Suicide Commando - Industrial Underground

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Vinyl: € 22.00

SUICIDE COMMANDO is without a doubt one of the leading acts in the harsh electronic-industrial scene from the last years. With numerous albums and club hits like “hellraiser”, “bind torture kill”, “die motherfucker die” … SUICIDE COMMANDO has been tormenting the indie club scene and stages for many years now, but did you also know that Johan Van Roy already started this project over 3 decades ago ?


Indeed we need to go back to the year 1986 when Johan started experimenting with electronic music under the moniker SUICIDE COMMANDO, heavily influenced by the cold electronic sounds from bands like Front 242, The Klinik, …


With very limited equipment and means (the legendary Roland SH101 keyboard and 2 small Boss drum machines) Johan recorded his first songs back in 1987 on a borrowed 4-track recorder.

These first home recordings were released by Johan as demo tape back in 1988 and not much later re-released on the German ZNS tape label, with just a slightly different tracklist and artwork.


“Industrial underground”, one of the songs on this first demo tape, soon got picked up by the Belgian underground label Climax Productions and was released on the “Electronic” LP still in 1988, featuring other bands like Frontline Assembly, Absolute Body Control, Vomito Negro, …


35 years later we now proudly can present you these first SUICIDE COMMANDO home recordings as a strictly limited vinyl release entitled “industrial underground” on the Belgian cult label Walhalla Records.


“Industrial underground” holds 16 minimal electronics and soundscapes, including the original and full version of “industrial underground” and SUICIDE COMMANDO's  first cover version of “sick in your mind” from The Klinik.




Side A

1) Waiting for the gnomes (02:47)

2) The anger game) (03:12)

3) Blok B (01:38)

4) Morgue (02:05)

5) Cor! (03:31)

6) Crowling in pain (02:51)

7) Industrial Underground (02:40)

8) Xenophobia (03:44)


Side B

1No remorse (03:26)

2) Down Under (02:20)

3) Nervous Breakdown (02:27)

4) Brain Distortion (02:13)

5) Misery (02:28)

6) Drowning pictures (03:07)

7) Nightmare reality (04:01)

8) Sick in your mind (02:24)