Irish Coffee - When The Owl Cries

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CD: € 13.50

Digital: € 8.47

We are very happy to announce the release of the new album " When the Owl Cries" by the legendary band Irish Coffee, about 45 years after their debut single "Masterpiece" and their ultra collectible debut album; and still rocking hard ! William Souffreau and his band Franky Cooremans (bass), Kris Vandercammen (drums) and Stany Van Veer (organ/piano) recorded 12 tracks at the Lunabarn studio with Luc Crabbe who produced the album as well. 10 tracks are brand new, "I Gotta Move" is a Kinks cover (tribute to their 50th anniversary) and a re-recording of "I'm Alive", a 1973 IC b-side is included as well. Sharp as a razor this album !


1. Rock on
2. Decent Life
3. Gotta Keep on running
4. Gotta Move
5. When The Owl Cries
6. Here we come
7. Guitars and Beer
8. Sick and tired
9. Playhouse
10. I’m Alive
11. I hare War
12. Ain’t no time for dying