vølva - Let Me Be The One!

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Digital: € 1.5609

Darling Nikkie & Deborah Ostrega, two of the original stars kicking ass with LORDS OF ACID in the nineties, joined together in a new musical adventure: VøLVA. Darling Nikkie was a co-writer, producer and front lady of LORDS OF ACID from the start in the late Eighties. As Jade4U she became a real worldwide celebrity. Nikkie is now a successful writer in both human interest as well as fiction. Deborah started her own musical projects Wunderkind and Ostrega after successfully touring in the US and Europe as front lady and singer with LORDS OF ACID late Nineties. She is now touring with her partner in love & music, Ernst Löw, who also wrote “Let me be the One“. Vølva is their joint and shocking musical trip for both old and new fans.


Vocals by Darling Nikkie and Deborah Ostrega, Music and Lyrics by Ernst Löw


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1. Let Me Be The One - 2:59