Various Artists - The Underground Wave - Volume 4

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A new release of the Belgian Cult label Walhalla Records, specialized in re-releasing Belgian and Dutch wave, minimal wave; electro, EBM etc. After 3 highly acclaimed – and completely sold out ! – volumes, here is number 4 ! Again a very fine selection of old and new tracks for the first time ever on vinyl !

Format: 180 Gr Vinyl album, limited edition + insert

Side A

1) Schicksal: Power Hate Destruction (03:41)

2) Ratbau: Ordinateur (05:06)

3) Palais Des Bauzards: It’s Disgusting (remix) (04:29)

4) A Thunder Orchestra: Shall I Do It? (04:02)

5) M.Bryo: Let’s Go To War (04:18)

6) The Arch: Ice In Your Eyes (03:11)

Side B

1) Genetic Factor: The Lizard King, Empty Highway (05:02)

2) Elektronische Machine: Tanz 86 (04:11)

3) No Honey From These: Dreams (04:32)

4) Paschen’s Law: Magnifying Transmitter (06:20)

5) Bene Gesserit: Les Aliens (06:03)


This ALBUM has been released on vinyl only.


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