The Shakes - Shoot Me Baby

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Vinyl: € 18.00

For sure, The Shakes is one of the long lost Belgian psychedelic blues-rock bands of the late sixties. The band, founded by multi-instrumentalist Alain Verdier, features young star guitar player Dany Lademacher, who later became famous with Kleptomania, Innersleeve, The Radios and especially Herman Brood’s Wild Romance. Starman Records proudly presents “Shoot Me Baby!”: the anthology of The Shakes including many songs officially released for the very first time


Side A


1. Shoot Me Baby
2. You’ve got to hide your  Love away
3. The Mother Road (Live)
4. Dust My Blues
5. Come on a my House
6. On The wayside (Live)
7. Driftin’ and Driftin’ (Live)


Side B


1. Seasons of the Witch (Live)
2. Ayahuasca