Matt Watts & Guido Belcanto - I Don't Know Where My Baby Is

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Digital: € 1.00

Very happy and proud to release this great single by Matt Watts Group featuring Guido Belcanto ! The very first English cover version of a song by Guido (' Ik weet niet waar mijn meisje is'). Recorded, mixed and produced by Guido's longtime bassplayer Nicolas Rombouts, with Geert Hellings on guitar and Bert Huysentruyt on drums. The great harmonica solo is by Guido himself. Matt's new album "Queens" will be released early next year and was produced by Stef Kamil Carlens and Nicolas Rombouts. The video was shot live in the studio during the actual recording by Kris J. Y. Verdonck. Enjoy and please share this great track ! As of tomorrow on all digital platforms.