Lavvi Ebbel - Guns and Crêpe Flambée

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Lavvi Ebbel was without a doubt one of the most talked about bands of the Belgian new wave scene. In the early eighties the band had considerable success with singles such as “Give Me a Gun” and “Victoria”.


This ten-person band had a solid live reputation thanks to the original sound of the two guitarists (Marc de Wit and Chris Van Ransbeeck), pianist (Bea Van Ransbeeck) and the imperturbable Eric de Wit on drums. Singer Luckas Vander Taelen and backing singer Kristien D’Haeger provided a strong stage presence, supported by the swinging horn section with Jan Weuts and Eric Sleichim, who was the driving force behind Maximalist and Bl!ndman some time later.


Side A


1. Victoria                             
2. Much a do about nothing                                 
3. Stand up and Fight                         
4. Out of the Blue                             
5. No Place to Go                         


Side  B


1. Give me a Gun                         
2. Slow Motion                              
3. Desire                                
4. Home is where the Heart is                    
5. Le Cafard                             
6. U and Me (LP only bonus track)


Side C


1. Victoria (2014 Buscemi remix)                    
2. Telepatia (12” Version)                        
3. No Place to Go (Live at The Werf, 2013)                
4. Give Me a Gun (Live at The Werf, 2013)                 


Side D (All tracks live at de Drieluik , Zaandam, 2/10/82)


1. Full Moon                    
2. Social Life                    
3. On the Telephone                
4. The Sound of Her Voice            
5. Suffering