Kloot Per W - Playback With A Switch

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A  real best of selection of Kloot Per W’s early work,   previously only released on casette. A great album by Belgium’s cassette pioneer,  also known for his work with many bands such as Polyphonic Size,  The misters,  de Lama’s ...

Format: 180 Gr Vinyl album

Side A

1) Do The Standing Still (02:48)

2) Programmed (04:27)

3) Disconnected (05:27)

4) Buildings (02:44)

5) White Rastafari Dub (03:07)

6) Relations Between People (03:55)

7) Murder (03:10)


Side B

1) Berliner Krieger (03:59)

2) Cold Turkey (06:49)

3) L’Europe (03:52)

4) Dream 2 (05:03)

5) Zwarte Kerst (04:01)


This ALBUM has been released on vinyl only.


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