Belgian Vaults - Volume 3

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Belgian Vaults - Volume 3

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Vinyl: € 18.00

Welcome to Volume Three of the Belgian Vaults Series! This time we take you back to the late sixties and early seventies, a time when psych and heavy rock pushed aside the more traditional rock and roll influences. Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Cream, Led Zeppelin,… and many others affected the sound, songs and look of most Belgian bands. We selected 13 tracks by as many as bands which deserve to be re-discovered. Another album to honour and preserve Belgium’s musical heritage! We hope you will enjoy the album as much as we do!


Side A

1. Union Jack – Lady Masham
2. Light Fire – Heavy Chain
3. Roland and his Bluesworkshop – Your Trip is not Like Mine
4. Injun Joe – Someone
5. The Midgets – My Beer
6. Georgia Brown - Pollution
7. The Invocation  - Third Letter from the Underworld


Side B

1. The Carriage Company – In Your Room
2. John Woolley & Just Born – You’re Lying
3. Orange – The Sun
4. The Sonny Boys/Splendid –  Shadow
5. Paul’s  Collection–  What Have I Done?
6. Jess & James – The Question


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