Zymotic - Reflect On Me

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CD: € 7.00

Zymotic is an artist with a clear vision. Each of his songs takes you on a trip inside your mind and your imagination. They are stories that are almost hypnotic in nature. Every note you hear is an image in his brain. From protest to love, from reflection to anger, from beauty to horror, each track covers an emotion that will almost put you in a transcendent state. With 4 new full CD’sand 25 tracks in total now available for download and streaming Cluster-Park did us all a big favor by releasing the wonderful and enigmatic Zymotic.


1. Reflections
2. Peak Hours
3. Coming From The Stars
4. Nobody Is Perfect
5. See The Light
6. In The Moonlight


Zymotic tells the story of this album: 



When I watch at the news or a documentary, often I get a lump in my throat and a tear rolls down. So much misery and suffering in the world. When will this change. Never I fear.


Peak Hours:

Peak hour or Rush hour


Coming from the stars:

This time I made music to use in a movie. Especially the first 8 minutes. I know it’s a very long track, But I have done my best for the video.


Nobody is perfect:

Nobody is perfect but you’r perfect for me. Is just something I want to tell.


See The Light:

A song about someone search after Light in his life. This in order to understand it.

Vocal by Futureanalysis.


In The Moonlight:

A song about someone’s search for happiness in his or her life.

Vocal by Minette Fourie and planetjazzbass

Minette Fourie is Ad lib Planetjazzbass is throat singing on this track.