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CD: € 7.00

Zymotic is an artist with a clear vision. Each of his songs takes you on a trip inside your mind and your imagination. They are stories that are almost hypnotic in nature. Every note you hear is an image in his brain. From protest to love, from reflection to anger, from beauty to horror, each track covers an emotion that will almost put you in a transcendent state. With 4 new full CD’sand 25 tracks in total now available for download and streaming Cluster-Park did us all a big favor by releasing the wonderful and enigmatic Zymotic. 


This is his first release on Purple People Park Records: Here And Now


1. Climb & Descend

2. Starving Pedlar

3. A Burning Desire

4. It's Here

5. Body & Soul

6. Explain it to me


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Zymotic tells the story of his songs on this album: 


Climb & Descend:

Music made about  my bike adventures in Haute Provence


Starving Pedlar:

My last days on the antique market in Tongeren, this was my second profession.


A Burning Desire:

The story,  a man who has a burning desire to get back his love. But realizes that it has lost. Because she closing her love and affection off to him. He is in a battle with himself, can he find this somewhere else? But than he realize that this will remain a dream


It’s Here:

Progressive electronic Fusion.

The video you should see through the eyes of an alien.

looking for victims for the existence of its kind.

A damaged recording, found by a researcher.

A horrible storry!!


Body & Soul:

This track  was made for all those who work with their whole heart and soul to their life purpose and dream.


Explain it to me:

With this track  I tried to tell what is on my mind at that time in 2013