Zymotic - Above the clouds

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CD: € 7.00

Zymotic is an artist with a clear vision. Each of his songs takes you on a trip inside your mind and your imagination. They are stories that are almost hypnotic in nature. Every note you hear is an image in his brain. From protest to love, from reflection to anger, from beauty to horror, each track covers an emotion that will almost put you in a transcendent state. With 4 new full CD’s and 25 tracks in total now available for download and streaming Cluster-Park did us all a big favor by releasing the wonderful and enigmatic Zymotic.


1. Just a Prophecy
2. Open This Door
3. It's So Confused
4. Just a Fantasy
5. Lost In There
6. When You Find The Right Door


ZYMOTIC tells the story of these tracks:  


Just A Prophecy:

This track that I made, is about trains. The music should give you the feeling of moving trains. The sounds in railway stations, the clicking on the rails etc.


Open this door:

In this track you will hear influences from Goa trance or Spytrance, also some acid sounds.

Made in a period looking for someone


It’s so confused:

This track I made is for a special friend. Sometimes you meet someone where you have nice conversations with. And I make a track then.Her struggle against a terrible disease, and she overcame. Disappointment and loss in her live. Etc. But also the nice things in her live.


Just a Fantasy:

I named this track ‘Just a fantasy’ But is it always a fantasy?

This I leave to you to decide.


Lost in there:

made during my discovery tours  to dilapidated building, industry and things. The voices you hear, they tell a story of women who are afraid of losing their beloved in the mines and will be left behind alone.


When you find the right door:

Sometimes your life feels like you sink deeper and deeper into a swamp. You can't get out of it alone. But then someone gives you a helping hand. And it feels like magic. They give you new insights and feelings. Nothing is a coincidence. Dreams that come true, voices you hear, sounds you hear, shadows, but there is nothing. And yet I had no fear because I had an angel with me, close by my side. Sometimes she stays, sometimes she goes, but I hope she stays with me.