Zita Swoon Group - New Old World

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Digital: € 8.47

CD and Vinyl are SOLD OUT! But starting friday May 24th this album will be available digitally for the first time since it's release in 2014.  


New Old World is a fascinating instrumental journey created by Stef Kamil Carlens (guitar) and drummer Aarich  Jespers.  Supported by grand piano, upright bass, a strings trio and strong, startling visuals, a moving story is told. A story balancing between nostalgia and the future, between the Old World and  a New World, a world we cherish but also a world we fear. Sometimes light, uplifting and humorous , sometimes sad and dark, the amazing music of New Old World will grasp you and will move you .This highly acclaimed performance did a small tour in 2012 and will hit the theatres again as of March ! The music of New Old World will now be made available for the very first time by Starman Records.

‘NOW is, after Dancing With The Sound Hobbyist, the next step in what Zita Swoon Group wants to be doing more of: performances based on music, but which are a combination of theatre, dance and visual work. In NOW, man is central. Man comes to this world, eats, drinks, plays, builds, organizes and procreates. He creates his own world within this world without considering the past or the future or the other inhabitants, even if they are of his own kind. That same human is a victim of the ghosts of his actions. Using the interaction between the music and images we want to tell the audience something in a poetic way about living during a crucial time. About the many voices pointing out how important a change is and that it’s not too late to think up and organize a new world. But also about how the old world, the way it’s turning, is unstoppable and disaster seems inevitable. The music echoes sounds from the past: The Shadows, Pinguin Café orchestra and Brian Eno.’ 

Stef Kamil Carlens first became known as the bass guitarist, singer and fellow songwriter of Belgian band dEUS. It was not long before he went his own way as a singer-songwriter, accompanied by his band, Moondog Jr., who were renamed Zita Swoon after their first record. In 1996, Carlens left dEUS so he could concentrate on Zita Swoon and other projects, such as writing scores for films and theatre productions, creating dance/theatre/music performances, and making sculptures, installations, drawings and paintings.”


1. Move on
2. Masked Conversation
3. The Chairman
4. Small Pavilion House
5. The World Is On Fire
6. The Machine
7. Picnic
8. New Old World
9. Weekend
10. Too Much Information
11. Loss
12. Time That Comes
13. Death Of An Elephant