The Kids - Flabbergasted Live at AB 2001

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The Belgian punk band The Kids founded by Ludo Mariman made their debut in 1978 with their landmark titleless album, for sure deserving to be part of the global top list of great seventies punk albums. After another 4 studio album the band called it a day.. to resurface good ten years later at the end of the 1990’s . Since then The Kids became an international cult punk band much in demand in Belgium and abroad (USA, Germany, France, Italy, Japan…) mainly focussing on their initial seventies punk repertoire, with many classic songs which survived effortless the ravages of time.
The Kids are still the most angry Belgian band which says a lot about the eagerness and sharpness of Ludo Mariman and his mates. The Kids for sure still are an absolute top band !

The “Flabbergasted” was recorded early 2001 at the AB Club in Brussels and released the year after on CD wich sold out quickly. Now for the very first time available on vinyl with restored audio and entirely new artwork. An album you can’t miss, sharp as a razorblade and containing many of The Kids classics and a couple of contemporary punk covers


Side A

1. Intro
2. City is Dead
3. Bloody Belgium
4. Do You Wanna Know
5. For the Fret
6. I’ll Get You
7. Rock Over Belgium
8. Fascist Cops
9. I Wanna get a Job in The City
10. I Feel Alright
11. No Monarchy

Side B 

1. Sex Queen
2. Baby That’s Alright
3. Dead Industry
4. Razor Blades for Sale
5. This is Rock ‘n Roll
6. Do You Love The Nazis
7. If The Kids are United
8. Blitzkrieg Bop
9. There will be No Next Time (Live)