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CD: € 13.50

Digital: € 9.68

This is the very first album of the Belgium legendary punk band The Kids. Now for the first time as digital download and we have more news coming soon! So stay tuned. Featuring Singles as This Is Rock 'n Roll, Bloody Belgium, Fascist Cops and Do You Love The Nazi's


Big news for fans on September 6th 2018!


1. This Is Rock 'N Roll 02:35
2. Do You Love The Nazis 02:25
3. Bloody Belgium 01:17
4. For The Fret 02:37
5. Baby That's Alright 01:50
6. Facist Cops 02:31
7. I Wanna Get A Job In The City 02:54
8. I Don't Care 02:09
9. I Feel Alright 01:37
10. Old D.J.'s 02:27
11. I'll Get You 01:17
12. Money Is All You Need 02:00


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Original line-up:

Ludo Mariman (guitar/vocals)
Danny De Haes (bass)
Eddy De Haes (drums)