Roland van Campenhout - One Step At The Time

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Roland van Campenhout - One Step At The Time

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Vinyl: € 18.00

Roland Van Campenhout is for sure one of the most unique Belgian artists. Active since the 60’s of the past century Roland built up an extensive and eclectic discography. More than 20 albums on which folk, blues, rock, world music, movie- and theatre soundtracks … all celebrate together, creating a new musical dimension defining the true free musical spirit Roland really is. He received multiple Awards, toured the world with Rory Gallagher and played with Tim Hardin, Leo Kottke, Ian Anderson and the entire Belgian scene.


Starman Records already released Roland’s “Snowblind” back on vinyl (originally from 1981) and presents now his two first solo albums for the very first time back on vinyl as well: “A Tune For You” from 1971 and “One Step at the Time” from 1972. Both albums offer a fresh and exciting mix of folk, blues, pop and rock, covered with a thin layer of psychedelica typical for those days. These re-releases are even more unique because of the 8, previously unheard bonus 1970 live recordings we discovered in the archives of the Belgian national radio (VRT) and which are added to both albums.


Side A

1. Another Night 
2. Gig N° 9
3. Pistol packing Mama
4. Blues Run the Game
5. Will the Circle be Unbroken
6. Jokes and Funky Jokers
7. Sunday Morning Come Down
8. Low Down Police Paranoid Blues (Live Bonus Track)

Side B

1. Country Shack
2. Swamp Rise
3. Corina Blues
4. Don’t make Promises 
5. She Lies when she Smiles
6. Galactic Glides
7. Cripple Creek 
8. It Keeps Raining (Live Bous Track)


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