Purple People Eaters - 66 French Girls Can't be Wrong

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Purple People Eaters is a project by Michel Ceyssens and Alain Deltenre. Soon they will release another  compilation album, but now for here is a list of a few singles they recorded over the past few years. Most of it sounds a little '80's and that was done on purpous. But they also have a couple of Big Beat tracks of which many remixes have been made. Be sure tho check them out on You Tube 



1. Red Lace 04:59
2. Vendetta 05:39
3. Real Life 04:14
4. Living With Me 04:39
5. I Know Who I Am 05:56
6. Going Home 04:59
7. Be My Woman 04:26
8. BADMF Playing Candy Crush 03:51
9. 21 Zombies 03:29
10. Nevermind 04:43