Pauwel - Waves

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After losing his job for the umpteenth time, dealing with a string of bad news and trying to reconcile with his mother's serious illness, Pauwel De Meyer found himself in a months-long bad trip. In this dark period he only wrote a couple of songs. Because of his doubts when it came to his 'sad boy' image, these songs were never released. Now, over a year later, Waves is chosen as the second single under his pseudonym 'Pauwel'.


The piano was played and recorded by Aaron Embry (Elliott Smith, Edward Sharpe) at his home in the desert of California. Because of sand storms the recordings were postponed a couple of times.



lyrics and music by Pauwel De Meyer  arrangements by Aaron Embry (piano), Joachim Verbeke (clarinet), Elke De Mey (backing vocals)  recorded by Steven Meuleman, Koen De Gendt, Aaron Embry, Pauwel De Meyer / mixed by Steven Meuleman mastered by Niels Hendrix