Orgasmaddix - Alien Sex

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Orgasmaddix was a band with a high degree of Ramones-ishness that terrorized the surroundings of Sint-Niklaas for a while during the 1990's.

As with so many of the bands in the rockdepartment of the these Belgian Pop & Rock Archives, the story of this band of Orgasm Addicts from the town of Sint-Niklaas started in Humo's Rock Rally. During their participation in this talent-contest in 1992, the band didn't only get to the finals, but even managed to snatch a third place in it (behind Charlie 45 and the Beautiful Babies, but befóre bands such as dEUS, Nemo, Jef Mercelis and The Sideburns, the later Novastar). Orgasmaddix later haven't given much proof that they were better than all this bands, but they nonetheless provided qualitatively good rock for some time.


1. Alien Sex 03:49
2. Other Side 02:45
3. Can't Touch Me 02:05
4. My Obsession 04:33
5. No Opinion 04:54
6. Alien Sex (Acapella) 04:27
7. Stand Up 03:19
8. Destiny 04:12
9. Noisy Candy 04:26
10. Being Dead 06:40
11. Burning 04:29