Hamster Axis of the One Click Panther - Insatiable, Play the Peter Houben Songbook

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The Hamsters and Mauro found each other in many different ways in The Peter Houben Songbook: both equally insatiable in their new musical adventures and a soft spot for as well girls in jacuzzi’s as recording live on tape. After a very well received live performance at CC Luchtbal (Antwerp) it seemed a logical next step to put that pop/jazz/indie/grunge/rock/whatever-sound of the Hamsters and Mauro on an album as well. And, voilà, here it is !

Seeing the songs of Mitsoobishy Jackson and Houben(s other bands and projects such as Nemo and Benny Zen, one knows what to expect. But do add a delicious Mauro Pawjazzski sauce to that. The result is an exciting and adventurous album with Mauro in great shape !

The Jazzcats of the Hamsters got to know each other quite some time ago on the illustrious De Coninckplein in Antwerp. Mauro accepted their one off invite at the CC Luchtbal where the Hamster crew runs an ongoing series of concerts with surprising guests, hosting already Roland van Campenhout, Pascal Deweze, Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona)…and more to come


Side A

1. The Good Lord Created Hyenas and I can Scratch My Balls
2. Insatiable
3. This Vibration is not just a Movement of Particles in the Air
4. Pinetrees do not Lose their Fur

Side B

1. Gravedigger
2. Over The Hills
3. Lift YOur Load (Run Your Mile)
4. I’m Sick and I’m Proud