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The Freckleface CD still available but the vinyl is SOLD OUT!


Without a doubt, Freckleface’s title-less debut album released in July 1972, is one of the great Lost Albums in the history of Belgian rock. It was the archetype of an album that was “Lost” even before it properly hit the stores. It was released on the label of their manager Bobo just weeks before the band ceased to exist. There were very few gigs to promote the album, which meant hardly any media support and no back up of a record company nor distributor. 1,000 copies were printed at the time and only a few hundred were sold to the in-crowd. The rest of the print-run was sold at flea markets, lost in time or simply destroyed.


But there are more reasons why “Freckleface” was a remarkable album. It features a couple of young, talented musicians who would continue to write music history after Freckleface broke up. Guitar player Paul Couter and singer-harmonica player Arno Hintjens would go on to form Tjens –Couter, the TC Band and TC Matic, one of the great truly original and influential eighties bands which nowadays have cult status. While Paul Couter would maintain a lower profile soaked in red hot blues, Arno worked tirelessly on a successful international career. Nowadays he is still very much on top of his game and one the most versatile and respected artists Belgium ever produced.

There is of course the music on the album itself . Five songs which, after more than 40 years, still have that magic captured at the moment of recording. A unique blend of blues, folk en jazzy prog rock, ready to be rediscovered with this re-release on Starman Records. 


Side A:


1. If We
2. Trouble in Mind


Side B:


1. Mary
2. Hold My Hand
3. When Darkness Fades Away