For Greater Good - vs Kenji Siratori

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CD: € 7.00

Kenji Siratori inseminates this world with his venomous cyber-stories encapsulated in a unique style, highly acclaimed by a lot of his fellow writers and musicians worldwide (like David Bowie), even though he writes like a broken computer... and believes he is one...

The symbiosis between For Greater Good's dark brooding soundscapes and Kenji's almost viral attacks of words, digits and symbols make for a stunning depiction of today's cyber-hyperkinetic way of life, where people and machines become more intertwined, in a cold and impersonal world dominated by bits and bytes, by pods and pads and way-too-smartphones.


Intranet-genetics. Mechanic organic. Minds controlled by microchips.

This CD contains an almost 40-minute trip through this desolate and silvery-cold world, where the sickly fluorescent virus of Kenji Siratori's voice overwhelms the mind and body, while the patiently searching tentacles of FGG's sounds penetrate your heart and soul. For this occasion, live-guitarist Niels Larsen was asked to add his particular blend of guitarbending and ebow.


1. Anti-Vital 03:42
2. Corpse City 2 06:00
3. Insane Asylum 10:14
4. Orbit 03:09
5. Corpse City 03:50
6. Dark Side 05:57
7. Transfiguration 04:22