Elisa Waut - Potraits and Landscapes

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CD: € 13.50

The Rebirth of Elisa Waut ! In 1984 Elisa Waut (Elsje Helewaut, Hans Helewaut and Chery Derycke) won Humo’s Rock Rally. After a unique track record of 6 albums (Elisa Waut 1985, Commedia 1987, Bloom Boom 1989, Wood Nymph Blonde 1991, Angelus 1994 and Mystica 1998) and 15 singles, including the classic “Four Times More”, Elisa Waut's musical career came to a spontaneous halt in 1998. For 17 years she was quiet. But it was Elsje's highly-sensitive tendency, which is both a curse and a blessing for her, that prompted her to start writing and singing again. Together with Chery she had an abundance of inspiration for many new songs. Hans felt a call to join the duo and surprised them with his refined cinematic arrangements and contemporary production.
A spark had lit a bonfire. Earlier this year their 1st single “Blossom” was released, a precursor of a new spring. Today we have “Portraits and Landscapes”, their 7th album, and the 2nd single “Portrait”. Loyal to their three-way chemistry, Elisa Waut has been completely reborn in the year 2015.


1. Blossom
2. Portrait
3. Come back to me
4. The Key
5. How Many Stars ?
6. Why must things come to an end ?
7. I don’t want to get Hurt
8. Slow
9. Who Am I ?
10. Meet you at last
11. I don’t Mind the Rain
12. Quiet Time at Home


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