Breast Implosion - Waiting Room Of Death

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CD: € 7.00

Breast Implosion started out as a 3 man project performing on a Dadaistic festival.
No rehearsals were done, no preparations were made. It was pure imrovisation.
The concept of Breast Implosion was to make noise and surprise people.
Nowadays Breast Implosion is a one man project. Still no rehearsals, no preparations, just plug in and play! The songs are made on the spot, recorded and published on YouTube and other media sites. Purple People Park Records decided to sign the band for it's very destinctive sound and amazing tracks.


This is Breast Implosion's first release on Purple People Park Records: Waiting Room Of Death.


1. Awakening

2. Cockhunter

3. Mankind

4. What Privacy

5. Waiting Room of Death

6. Ghostly

7. Cheese & Whine

8. True Lies