Belgian Vaults - Volume 2

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Belgian Vaults - Volume 2

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We continue our mission to save Belgian sixties gems from oblivion with a second album of sixteen great tracks from the rich archives of our musical past, all recorded between 1965 and 1969. Soul, blues, psych, beat and rock and roll brought to you by bands whose names hardly ring a bell anymore. Bands worth to discover again as you are about the find out while listening to this album.


Side A


1. Adam’s Recital -There’s no  Place for  Lonely People
2. The Cousins –  All Right Mama
3. The Shakes – Dust My Blues
4. Little Jimmy and the Sharks – Love at First Sight
5. The Paramounts – Let’s Break it
6. The Mec OP Singers – It Was my Friend
7. The Sheiks – Storming Brain
8. The Klan - And I Love it so


Side B


1. Guy Wathelet – Some People Said
2. Clee’s Five – No Other Man
3. The Swallows –  You
4. The Tellstars –  Mr. Dyingly Sad
5. The Sonny Boys – Midnight Train
6. Les Ombres – Teenage Letter
7. Davy Jr and Guess Who – Everybody’s Alright
8. Les Serpents  Noirs – J’ai  Froid


This ALBUM has been released on vinyl only.


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