Belgian Vaults - Volume 1

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Belgian Vaults - Volume 1

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The songs featured on this album will make you revive the exciting sixties, the coming of age of Rock and Roll, with all its naivety, enthusiasm, drive, heart, soul and loads of musical talent.With the Belgian Vaults Series Starman Records pays tribute to the Belgian musical past: songs and bands who do not deserve to disappear in the mist of time, but who, for sure, will appeal again and again to new generations of music fans.


Side A


1. The Paramounts – About Girls
2. The Snakes – Don’t Set me Free
3. Davy Jr & Guess Who – Party in Joe Craig’s Bar
4. The Sundrops – Soul Singer
5. The Tellstars – I Want to Sing
6. The Garnets – The Cellar of Narcotics
7. The Pebbles – Someone to Love
8. Les Ombres  - Angry Age


Side B


1. Little Jimmy and the Sharks – All I Need
2. Little Chris and the Boumerangs – Girl of  Radium
3. Les Najas – What Do You want ?
4. The Foottappers – Waw Waw
5. The Young Devils – I don’t wanna Know
6. The Samo Reds – Under my Sweet Plaid
7. The Closed – Lovin’
8. The Mec Op Singers – Dies Irae